Monday, July 2, 2012

Fourth Video in Sigur Ros Mystery Film Experiment:Rembihutur

Sigur Rós have turned to familiar faces, Arni and Kinski to direct the fourth installment of the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment. The two directors have now added Rembihútur to the list of Sigur Rós songs for which they’ve made a video (Viorar vel til Loftatasa, Gobbledigook, Glosoli and Hoppipolla are the others).

Arni and Kinski said they see the film as a celebration of Sigur Rós’s music “being able to move from the mind to the heart.” The process is portrayed in the film by simple images of people alone with their thoughts. The directors speak of how important they feel about meditation, and the music video depicts exactly my favorite way to listen to Sigur Rós – with heavy emotion, my thoughts and often times with my eyes closed.

The other videos directed by Arni and Kinski for the band have told very moving stories, like the Rembihútur video. The difference is the previous videos were much more transparent and happening to others. This video put you inside those you see in the film; you don’t associate with the characters, you become them. The story becomes complex, personal and emotional. Just like Sigur Rós’s music.

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